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In the quiet beauty of upstate NY
"intimate. collegial. challenging"

If you are a woodwind, brass player, or percussionist you may wonder how a Professor of Violin & Viola can empower woodwind, brass and percussion instrumentalists to achieve greater artistry and technical consistency. Those who have embraced the risk have found that the principles of practice management and strategies for developing advanced interpretive and technical skills as developed by Professor of Violin & Viola, Burton Kaplan are the same for all instruments.

Read the endorsements below from musicians who have attended Burton's retreats for mixed instruments.

"Simply put, these past two weeks at MMMF were the most important musical experience I've ever had. I've never heard the basic concepts of music articulated in such a clarifying way. To be in this nurturing environment under Burton Kaplan's guidance was fun and liberating. Stripping away the modern conditioning and delving deep into the creative process, and the essence of music would not have been possible had I not attended the Practice Marathon retreat. Oh, and by the way, BK can teach wind instruments better than any professional wind player can."
Jae Won Kim, Principal Clarinet
New York String Seminar, Carnegie Hall 2014

"I would recommend Burton Kaplan and his Magic Mountain Music Farm to every musician of any age and ability. Burton's ability to connect a person to their inner musician is extraordinary. The music made at the Farm is huge. Burton has given me the tools to take my artistry to the next level."
Daniel Ferreira, Freelance Clarinetist, San Francisco

"After going to MMMF I feel like I finally have a way to integrate heart and artistry into my music making."
Jake Meyer, Clarinetist, St. Olaf College Undergraduate

"Attending MMMF has helped me to reawaken my connection to music. Burton's techniques have given me new tools to get closer to achieving artistic fulfillment. No matter what the instrument, the retreat provides an amazing opportunity for musicians. The atmosphere is nurturing and always encouraging. Thank you for a wonderful experience and for making a percussionist feel welcome!"
Steve Dinion, Associate Principal Timpani/Percussion
Honolulu Symphony